Wednesday, 25 May 2011

More of the new era

For some reason as yet unknown, half of yesterday's post went missing when I published it so I am back to fill you in on what you missed out on. It was utterly scintillating obviously so I would hate to deprive you. I can't remember what I wrote verbatim but I will summarise:

I know you will all have worried about the September spelling issue. Bright and early on Monday morning I produced the spelling test and queried the teacher on what exactly was wrong with 'September'. She was both apologetic and accusatory. On the one hand she was so sorry as there was obviously nothing wrong with it and on the other she was quite convinced that when she gave the marked test back for the children to draw pictures on, Bea must have corrected hers. It was slightly uncomfortable as we both apologised to each other for a few minutes before agreeing on nothing and departing. I fear I may have come across as a pushy mother which is horrid as I am very much not that type. Not that I think there is anything wrong with helping your child achieve their academic best, it's just that I am more of a coasting type of parent. I am under no illusion that my children are anything but average and I am most happy for them to coast along academically somewhere comfortably in the middle. Anyway, that afternoon I asked Bea if she thought that maybe she had corrected it (something she previously denied) and after a few moments thought, she agreed that that is exactly what had happened. I felt particularly foolish. Although not as mortified as I did later on, when she breezily informed me that she had told the teacher who runs the school choir that I had forbidden her from taking part in singing Mary Mary's 'Shackles' as I deemed it inappropriate. I was mortified. What had actually happened was that she had brought the lyrics home to learn and I had laughed and wondered (to myself, I thought) how appropriate it was for an infant choir as there is quite a lot of slang and lost consonants in the song which might confuse small people. I can only imagine the teacher's thoughts when Bea made this ridiculous announcement.  I must now make a huge effort to appear as a very laid back lefty loving gospel singing mum over the next half term. I would hate to be known in the staffroom as the pushy prude mum.

Back to today. I am full of nervous energy over my big final meeting tomorrow. I can think of little else which is why I am doing this to take my mind off it (my notes and all prep are all ready to go - provided no child is hideously ill or my childcare for tomorrow falls through, it should all go well). K's job is going well as far as I know. He is being monosyllabic for the most part so it's difficult to tell. The good news is that he will no longer be working Saturdays! I cannot tell you how utterly thrilling and life changing that news is. The most we have ever had before is him working every other Saturday which seemed quite indulgent but now to have every single weekend with K is beyond my wildest dreams. I know there must be many out there who have suffered similarly but Saturdays are incredibly lonely when you are on your own. It seems as if the rest of the world are cosying up as families or doing exciting day trips when I am muddling through, taking and getting Bea from ballet and whatever party she has on and then cramming in a park trip before watching the clock from 5 o' clock onwards waiting for the front door to open so I can escape/go to bed/handover. Now the weekends will be ours! I shall make sure we go to the park as a family and flaunt our new found weekend familyness in front of everyone.

I better go. I can't focus. I'm too nervous. I'll have a bath and try and sleep. Wish me luck x

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