Monday, 9 May 2011

Freud and Will

Well the tinned apricoty wibbly sausage concoction was most definitely a pleasant surprise. A little over cooked but very edible nonetheless. The manny has definitely shown excellent career progression over the last few months and not just with the cooking - he even ventured upstairs to carry out housework duties. Although I think he and I would definitely appreciate him handing in his notice here and leaving the homestead for the world of work. Still, there is always tomorrow and one must keep one's upper lip stiff.

On the plus side, my career progression is going from strength to strength after a very pleasing training meeting I ran this morning. Normally I am quite self deprecating and yet even I must say that I totally rocked my wibblies meeting today. (As an hilarious aside I originally wrote self-defecating  - mercifully I mis -spelt it so spell check picked it up - I'm not sure what Freud would make of that; I'm pretty sure nothing as it hardly displays some secret recess of my subconscious but more that I am tired, watching Glee and my left eye appears to be allergic to something as it has swollen terribly so that it is not only obscuring my vision but annoying me sufficiently to hamper my brain function.)  Luckily I didn't say I was self defecating although I did refer to it as wibblies to my trainer which was a mistake. But all in all she said I was fabulous and I came home jubilant and with a strange feeling I haven't felt in a jolly long time. As much as the children are totally splendiforous, they never evaluate my work at the end of a day with helpful, constructive and impartial praise or criticism, and it was ridiculously satisfying to finally be confirmed as being good at something. It's official - I am good at something. I think it is quite possible that I have self esteem issues (Freud would have something to say about that and he would most DEFINITELY point his finger at my mother and then as a secondary factor my over achieving school). Anyway, my self esteem is boosted sufficiently - although I must keep it in check lest I become big headed which would be mortifying.

As for Ted - he hasn't been as perfect as he was that one rare day, although he has had outbreaks of good behaviour amongst the outrageously bad.  On Sunday he ran in the house when we got back from the park and slammed the door behind him. I was on the outside without George and Ted was jubilantly inside running amok with the house keys. Thank the Lord for the lovely elderly neighbours who were in for once and who hold on to our spare keys. I managed to get in before he did anything too worrying. Little did he know I had a back up plan if the neighbours weren't in - I was planning to send G through the living room window which was slightly ajar and get him to open the door. I am always one step ahead of Ted. Mwoah ha ha (evil laugh). Also I have changed his nickname from Damian to Double (From the Macbeth witches - double, double, toil and trouble.)

I can't stay, Glee is too good so you'll have to amuse yourselves. At least I spell checked it myself this time - and luckily so. Until we three meet again.... x

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