Sunday, 1 May 2011

Another Bank holiday weekend.

Sunday. Third day of yet another four day weekend. Quite frankly I think the school ought to take over again soon. I know the teachers must be appreciating the time off but parents outnumber them so they need to suck it up and get back in the classrooms.  Even when Tuesday finally comes, as soon as we get rid of two, they are off again on Thursday for polling day. I am quite annoyed by the whole thing. Especially as we are voting on something that I'm not even sure about. (I have asked a number of people their opinion and I'm going with the most popular. At the moment it's No.) No school on Thursday presents more issue than simply my frazzled patience, I have agreed to look after two more children for the day and I have to do yet more wibbly training in the morning. Cue the Manny earning his keep with five children for the morning.  Should be interesting.

So Friday was THE day.  We had a most memorably spiffing time at a friend's house. There were five couples in all and fifteen children along with a mountain of food and drink. The women (who had organised the whole thing natch) held a planning meeting a few weeks ago to ensure the amount of food, drink and decoration were up to scratch. Which they were. We even ordered our party pack from the Middleton's company for extra authenticity. I have never been so over excited about bunting and paper plates, but they really were very pretty. Not only do they produce ridiculously high achieving daughters, but their party ware is also second to none. As for the wedding itself, I for one was very taken with the whole affair. I thought Kate looked totally fabulous, although obviously her sister was a partial scene stealer. I mean, it's hard to upstage the future Queen of England on her wedding day but I think Pippa came close. Luckily my little sis has little to worry about on that front. Mainly as she hasn't made any of her sisters Maid of Honour, plus it's also unlikely any of us would turn up in a white wedding dress. Still, I thought it was all very sweet and charming and it also had the added advantage of presenting me with an opportunity to wear half of my wedding dress (top), wedding shoes and tiara again. There are relatively few occasions where an off white corset covered in beaded lace is the appropriate attire, particularly coupled with a tiara and diamante shoes. Luckily so as I'd forgotten how uncomfortable it all was. Thank goodness I didn't wear the large skirt complete with train, it was hard enough to keep up with the children in the corset as it's not very easy to bend in. It made me very grateful that I waited to have children until after the wedding. They would have totally rained on my parade.

Still, I'm glad it's all over and we can stop talking about the wedding and move on to speculation over Kate's stomach and whether or not she's pregnant. Hopefully she won't hang around too long on that one - eating as well as reproducing. It didn't look like her or her sister had imbibed anything more substantial than water in many weeks. As soon as she has a bowl of pasta her stomach will protrude slightly and the press will be convinced she is up the duff.  It is unlikely I shall ever be in that situation again - especially after the day K's had today. Ted has been particularly trying for the last 24 hours and K is now adamant he is the last. I am close on his heels - yesterday Ted tried to eat a snail and then threw a poo filled nappy across the room within five minutes of each other - but I will never say never.  It would mean finding another man but every cloud and all that - it would give me another chance to wear the wedding outfit.

I am too tired to be interesting so I must go to bed. I spent the day spring cleaning to burn calories - the pressure of weight watchers is seriously getting to me. I even curtailed my daily curly wurly intake to a mere two, however this kind of dedication to the project has resulted in exhaustion so I am off. Good night. x

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