Friday, 4 March 2011

Well now, let me think of all the excitement I have experienced in the last 48 hours. Tesco has arrived and provided food (more exciting than you might think as had to feed the kids some very questionable meat on Tuesday and subsequently had to put K on high alert listening out for children being sick all night). The gas card has NOT arrived so I cannot load my enjoyable new meter with money - therefore have spent many, many enjoyable hours speaking to EDF instead. The upshot is that until my card does arrive I have to ring up and get a man out to the house to load it up for me - feels slightly luxurious in an odd way - my own meter loader upper. I cannot imagine many people have such service.
Other than that life continues as per usual with playgroups, school runs and endless food preparation and keeping Ted from killing himself or others. Living with a toddler is very much like living with a strangely beguiling foreign student who only speaks a few words of English. Ted is becoming a master of sign language and grunting to indicate action is duly required on my behalf. There is also a lot of pointing and saying 'yes' when neither party is particularly sure that what has been agreed to has necessarily been understood.
Oooh but the biggest excitement of all is that I finally had 6 hours of pure and uninterrupted sleep last night - I cannot remember the last time that happened.  Thanks to the genius that is Medised Ted managed to make it to 4.30am without bothering me and after a second dose I wasn't bothered again til 7. A minor miracle.
I have given a very 'healthy' dose again tonight so my fingers are crossed....although how I shall sleep with all the excitement I've had I shall never know. x

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