Friday, 11 March 2011

Mainly sick

I have taken a break from all the sick to nip on the laptop. Ted is very unwell which is horrid, for him mostly, but also for me. There is an awful lot of work involved in sick and we are rapidly running out of things to mop it up as I can't keep up all with the washing. Babies are generally quite stoic when it comes to throwing up but they have no ability to warn you and their aim is rubbish.  Plus they don't like to lie down and recover on their own, they want you to be with them at all times which can be quite problematic.

The sick started yesterday lunchtime and has kept up quite a pace since then. At first it was rather lovely, he felt so ill he couldn't be naughty, he just lay there without moving and watching tv whilst cuddling but very importantly not biting. But then the sick started and watching him all limp and devoid of evil was more heartbreaking than I thought it would be. I then started to feel nauseous in the afternoon and whilst dreading the inevitable childcare whilst being sick stage I was highly excited at the prospect of a helping hand with this week's weight loss. I decided to capitalise on it so started off by eating the kids leftovers (sausage and chips - yummmmmm) then moved on to a supper of chocolate. It was lovely, but I was slightly miserable to be awoken in the night and realise I no longer felt sick. Will never again count on a sickness bug.

Still, there has been some good news today, I managed to see a lovely doctor for Bea this morning who has refered us to a consultant dermatologist and we have an appointment next Thursday - all so quick. Not only do I feel like I have done something terribly pro-active but I am desperately relieved to know that her alopecia that has upset me so much over the last year is a) not due to stress and b) treatable although not necessarily curable. Muchos Excitingos.

As you can see I have a natural flair for languages. Roughly translated that means 'very exciting'. I'm not sure quite why but my lazy gene took against Spanish. I think it was already overloaded from English and French and Spanish was a bridge too far. To be fair to the school it was my choice of language but out of German, Russian and Italian I had been told Spanish was by far the easiest. I decided very early on not to bother learning anything and managed to stick at it quite well. By the time the mock GCSE came around I knew most of my numbers and how to say what my name was but very little else. The exam was slightly more taxing than I had hoped and when asked to write a paragraph explaining that I had entered a police station to report a lost bag I was totally thrown. In the end I wrote 'Mi losto mi handbago' (for Italian it would have been handbagio - it was a complicated system don't worry if you can't keep up). As it turns out that was not correct. I'm not sure that my highly academic girls' school had ever come across such an acute lazy gene in all their years and my Spanish teacher 'tore me a new one' - one of the many delightful phrases k has taught me over the years.

Luckily i haven't attempted to use any of my language skills for many, many years as I haven't been abroad for 5 years and I don't intend to for many more to come. I am scared of everything now and there are too many things to worry about with overseas travel. I get quite panicky when I leave SE23, especially if there are children at school who need collecting or it might impact on my night's sleep. But yet again my sister is forcing the issue as I shall be forced to attend her 30th Birthday tonight in a posh part of town which is most definitely not in the South East. I always get quite shocked that there is a world outside of SE23 and that people are going around quite oblivious to its very existence. Still, I'm sure I will enjoy it when I get there as soon as I work out what the hell I am to wear. The downside of weight loss and impoverishment is that I can't buy new clothes to celebrate but obviously the positive is that you can't buy food which makes it easier.

Once I make the difficult decision between dress or jeans I can start to ponder the more important issue of the night - should I eat a whole pizza tonight on the off chance that I spend tomorrow being sick... ?

Bon Afternoonos to allos. x
(any spelling erros today are due to a spellcheck meltdown and time constraints. Do not judge)

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  1. Impoverishment combined with weight loss is a painful thing, I can not feel jolly at the idea of spring because I am going to have to take my coat off, revealing that I have one outfit that fits and no prospect of any more being purchased.