Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mostly good

Managed to put on weight this week. Am most distressed. Went to Weight Watchers weigh in this morning all hopeful and wearing light clothing (it is an old trick but a good one) and was most affronted by the evil scales and their verdict. (Only half a pound but it's a gain and not a loss so it's all devastating).

Looking back on my posts from the last week it does seem that the evil scales might have had a point though. I think I may finally have to concede that food eaten whilst standing up and food you don't want to count, does in actual fact, count towards your overall weight. I am very aggrieved. I also rely heavily on the previous people's weigh in results to determine how I will get on when it's my turn. I have often watched a succession of people lose great amounts and then been annoyed when the scales let me down. It really does seem that none of my systems are working for me anymore. I am seriously feeling the pressure for the countdown to my training weekend. I am still five pounds away from being able to attend and there are only four more weigh in opportunities.  I am going to have to be good and actually follow the diet this week. From tomorrow obviously. There is another curly wurly in the fridge.

My desperation to attend the Leader training weekend is now at an all time peak.  They sent me an email with the details for the venue and it is being held at a 4* hotel and SPA. A Spa. I just keep saying it. A spa...... I know that it won't be Babbington House or anything but there is a pool and people offering beauty treatments and none of my children. It all adds up to a fabulous thing. Miserably the weekend starts at 9.30am on Friday so I will just have to stay an extra night. So that is 3 nights away. On my own. It is Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one. Of course I must consider the possibility that the training will be hard work but I am prepared to bet money I don't have that learning how to teach people about how to lose weight will be a hundred times easier than three days with the children and the hours will be far more sociable.

Talking of which there has been a breakthrough with Ted. He has spent 24 hours sick free. A Hallelujah moment. I have just put the last 'sick' load in to the washing machine. He is even back on milk which has improved his temperament immeasurably. His illness was clearly sent to me as a lesson, it is indeed true that you don't know what you've got until it's gone. It was a total joy to finally see him back to his old self and everything I thought was quite annoying last Wednesday was all a cause for celebration today. His bottom half is still suffering though and we are now dangerously low on nappies.

BUT in another amazing turn of happy events K has received news of another tax rebate winging its way to us. (Last one came just after New Year). The timing could not be more perfect. By the end of next week we should once again be solvent. In a massive about turn I am now excited whenever anything comes through the door from HM Revenue and Customs. They are truly some lovely people. Ted shall have nappies aplenty and I can pay my phone bill. Things are most definitely on the way up.

Not to be greedy but now all I want is some sunny weather, great weight loss and a small lottery win.  You just never know.... For now I shall just be happy with the curly wurly.

Yum x

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