Tuesday, 1 March 2011


So I have a blog. I have thus far been extremely sceptical of anywhere that is so similar to the word blob which, coming from my all girls' school background, is a euphemism for one's monthly cycle and therefore being 'on the blog' takes on a whole new meaning in my mind. Still, I have clearly overcome my teenage silliness and here I am. Now I'm here I realise it is in fact just putting words onto a computer screen and I can't believe I have remained so sceptical for so long.
However, I'm not sure where the hell to begin. I might just launch in with today. Average on a scale of 1 to insane. I am still getting used to and getting back into normal life after the last two weeks of pneumonia hell. I have three children - not in a smug 'I am so fertile and amazing way' you understand, just factually I am responsible for a girl and two boys aged 6,4 and 18 months respectively, so any type of illness is hideously irritating and a long and painful one is particularly irksome. Today was day two of being back at the helm. Managed to shout less and be slightly nicer to the children. And I'm not in bed yet and it's 20 past 9 so I'm doing better than expected. The major low of today was realising husband has £7 left from his monthly pay which plopped into his account yesterday. So, that is just the four weeks left til next payday and five people to feed within it..... Still, Onwards and upwards. X


  1. So you've finally done it! I had a blog for Archie through his first year at school. But it has lain sadly neglected for many months now. Will be checking in regularly to see what you are up to...

  2. Off to a great and amusing start!

  3. Good luck with the blogging! I've been 'on the blog' for nearly 8 years now, and I've really got a lot out of it.

    (This is Rachel B from school; I followed you here from Facebook.)