Friday, 1 April 2011

Weighty issues

BB - £-13.46
GM - £4.80
WW - 33
EAH - 0

Terrible week at wibblies. Managed to stay the same. Combined with my poor performance for the previous two weeks, I am now only half way to the half stone target I needed to reach before the Leader training weekend and am left with only two more weigh in opportunities in which to shift it. This means I have to be excessively good at tracking my points all week and even (gasp) exercise. In this vain K has kindly dug out the Wii fit for me. We've had it since Christmas but up until now it has remained safely in the box. At first I thought it was jolly good fun, that is until my new exciting low weight (relative for me obviously) was highlighted as being obese by their ridiculous BMI scale and then to make matters worse the mini-me on the screen ballooned before my eyes to illustrate the point. HOW RUDE. I did enjoy it telling me my wii fit age was 28 though - a full 4 years younger than my real life age. I was quite high about that until I started the training section of the game and they did a more thorough investigation of my fitness and revealed I was actually 38 in fitness terms. To be fair to Wii fit it's not like i've ever taken any regular exercise and to that end I'm quite amazed my body has any fitness level at all.  I have never, ever enjoyed exercise; even in primary school I got mum to write a note to get me excused from doing plie in the ballet class - whilst everyone else was bending their knees compliantly, I was allowed to sit on the chair and watch as I had convinced my mum that it hurt my knees too much. Anyway, I have officially entered my target weight with my virtual trainer now so I have pressure to lose weight in both worlds. Wish me luck.

It has been a productive week in other respects though, both boys have been whisked to the doctors to get jabbed and up to date and I've even been to get my three yearly 'lady' check. I can't give you any more details as K is particularly sensitive to anything regarding the female reproductive system. I am still not allowed to use the word 'period' or even vaguely reference its presence. Even when pregnant I had to use euphemisms for the parts of my internal organs affected. He was particularly insistent on me using the birth pool for the birth of Ted (no. 3) and having had one for George (no. 2) I knew exactly how much of a faff it was to set up, fill up and empty (both born at home so no helpful hospital staff ) so I was particularly surprised by his enthusiasm for me to benefit from its pain relieving qualities. That is until his insistence started to get annoying and it finally dawned on me that it was in fact because it was easier to stay the 'head end' during the labour with no involvement at the 'business end' being required and with the added benefit that the baby came out clean. Clearly I won in the end and Ted was born by the side of our bed without any water being involved . K remained the 'head end' you will be relieved to know.

I am too hungry and tired to write more. Only four more days to weigh in. Bugger.

Eat on my behalf please.

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