Saturday, 16 April 2011

Quickie Wibbly

I can't possibly devote any time to you - I am far too busy being Mrs Wibbly. I am now totally sold on the whole thing. It is actually loads of fun - I laughed today until I cried. It's been ages since I did that. It's even better knowing that the children are incredibly happy without me. I haven't spoken to George who appears totally indifferent to my absence. He hasn't even asked where I am. Bea has been slightly more loyal and asked why I am taking so long at 'waitrose' - for some reason she has got into her head that weight watchers and Waitrose are one in the same. It is sweet so I have allowed the confusion to continue. Although when she is 15 she will no doubt tell everyone that I abandoned her for three days to do a supermarket shop.  Ted has adapted beautifully to having his father as the primary carer and although he has deigned to listen to me singing row, row, row the boat down the phone he hasn't attempted any reciprocal communication. All adults responsible for the offspring are gleefully telling me how happy they are without me around. Which is nice. Obviously it would be horrid if they were crying for 72 hours but I would have liked at least a small sign that they are missing the services I would normally be providing for them. Still, mustn't grumble.

I have to go now as I have to run a 15 minute mock meeting tomorrow morning and although you may mock (ha ha) it is actually harder than you think. Apparently I tend to talk too much (pause for shock); I know. I couldn't believe it either. Whilst others were worried about filling the ten minute practise we did this morning I was told to wrap things up as I had gone on too long - which threw me completely. I think time must pass differently in my head because I had imagined my short success story had been just that. Still, the other women who I had been so ridiculously mean about in my pre-weekend judgements actually turn out to be totally lovely and one is even my age and pretty similar to me which has been a total revelation. It's like being back at school and the whole weekend has made me totally nostalgic for those days when you spent every day laughing and joking. Not that the children don't make me laugh but obviously it's different. I can't believe I'm saying this but a part of me will actually be quite sad to leave tomorrow. 

But go I must then and now, so toodlepip peeps and please feel free to massively over eat over the coming month as I shall have a warm and welcoming wibblies meeting waiting for you to attend very soon......


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