Tuesday, 12 April 2011

En Vacances

Bonjour! Motherandother is on location in IP33 for the Easter Holidays. This will make no difference to you at all as there is no webcam for a visual, but I am writing today at the comfort of my sister's dedicated desk and a 'gasp' keyboard with a view into the garden. No laptop on lap for me today. Hoorah! The country really is all its cracked up to be.

The sun in sunny Suffolk is helping to give our stay a more 'holiday' feel which is jolly. We are far too poor for a real holiday so this is as good as it gets. To be honest I find it hard to think of a better free holiday. Mother does a good job being maid, cook and resort entertainment (she is actually far better than the manny but she does has 40 yrs more experience to be fair) and she also has the added advantage of a massive two acre garden (no pool which would help her star rating but she won't be told). Ted has even given up trying to run away which is his new favourite game when we are anywhere outside, because every time he tries, he ends up in yet another part of the garden and not somewhere dangerous or life threatening (car parks, roads, etc). He tried valiantly for most of Sunday afternoon but I failed to look alarmed or run after him screaming his name so there was no fun to be had and he quickly gave up. He has now settled for Bea pushing him around the garden in his buggy picking flowers for hours on end. As Lynette Scarvo said on Desperate Housewives - children having children, gross, but children raising children, Genius.

The greatest thing about being here is the childcare facilities, not just at mother's hotel but also my sister's house which comes equipped with her slightly older children who provide an excellent level of care. This leaves me free to get a multitude of things done. George now has summer shoes (thank God as I couldn't bear to see the dinosaur trainers, multicoloured socks and shorts look again) and trying to sort out Bea's iron prescription (now given up and going back to docs). This has meant I have spent a long time waiting in pharmacys and have become quite obsessed with hayfever tablets. Not only do I suffer from hayfever, so am always on the look out for a product that will totally annihilate all symptoms and leave me as the person I was before Spring sprang, but also I am obsessed with why they produce specific non-drowsy medicine. I would like to bet that no one has gone in to a chemist and specified that they would dearly like to purchase some hayfever tablets which make it impossible for them to get through a normal day without suffering from mild narcolepsy.  Why is ALL hayfever medicine not produced as non-drowsy unless you specifically want night time hayfever tablets? It is a total mystery and one I thought I would share - perhaps someone with medical knowledge could point out the glaringly obvious to me. (As an aside to this, might I also point out to anyone with a child named George that buying them clothing and shoes from Asda means that they come ready named. G was fabuloulsy impressed with his new shoes with George printed on the inner sole and I was slapping my arse all the way home as per the advert.)

The only negative to Hotel Chez Mum is the plentiful food and the lack of any technological advances (Sky, wireless or cabled broadband, more than one phone or cordless phone). I am forced to watch repeats of Poirot, Countrywide or some other dire drivel. Thank goodness for my knitting.  It is incredibly difficult to not feel like you are holed away in a remote somewhere far, far away from the real world. This has resulted in me becoming the worst advocate for Weight Watchers ever (food consumed on holiday obviously doesn't count - another well known dieting fact), I am almost ashamed to go to training on Friday. I am convinced I will be the fattest trainee leader there. No support pants in the land are going to hide the remaining stone I need to lose.

I have to go now as being harrassed by two little boys for the Gummy Bear song on youtube. It is by far the most annoying tune ever and will remain in my head all day if not all year, but Ted is obsessed and his dancing is cute enough to get me through the three minute ordeal.  Never one to miss a learning opportunity though, I am now making them listen to the Spanish version No Soy Tu Gummy Bear - all top parenting tips free of charge. You're very welcome. 

Adios! xx

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