Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Birthdays and Brilliance

Good Evening. Saturday's training day was not as bad as I thought actually. Turns out our trainer was a MAN. I know. You don't meet a lot of them in the world of WW. He was standing there all thin and male and I admit to being slightly sceptical as to how he could possibly have any idea what it was like to need Weight Watchers when all of a sudden he revealed his before pictures. Astonishingly he had lost over seven stone - I was shocked. He was so thin. He was also very funny and not unpleasant to look at which made the day bearable. I must stop being so sceptical and mean spirited. It is far too like my mother for my liking.  The best bit about the whole day was that I will get paid for it and I got a free lunch. I really shouldn't complain. There are worse places to be than a Holiday Inn on the A2 whilst getting paid and fed. Plus, by the time I got home I only had to do bath and bed. I can't think why I was moaning in the first place. Although I have put on three pounds this week and so I am choosing to blame the meal I ate there. It couldn't possibly be any of the chocolate or leftover food I ate on my own at home.

Sunday was a joyous affair as K took them all to his long suffering mother's - thank goodness for Mother in Laws. I had a whole afternoon to myself and it was fab. I went to see my gorgeous friend for lunch, who is as skint as us, so I brought the beans and she provided the toasted bagels to put them on. I take great comfort in other people suffering as we do. Although without wanting to jinx things, there are mighty rumours that next month is going to be exciting money wise and I will finally be able to celebrate my Birthday in the style to which I was accustomed about a decade ago. As a University student my Birthday was a massive celebration where I would head to London and spend hundreds of pounds shopping before an expensive meal out with friends and lots of drink, but now it is a far more subdued affair. If I can get to the hairdressers on my birthday and a cheap local meal out then I am happy. Last year we couldn't quite afford the meal after my hair was done so we went out for a bottle of wine and got takeaway fish and chips on the way home. It was still the best Birthday I'd had in years - especially as one of my mummy friends threw me a birthday lunch whilst K had Ted for the day, so all in all it was pretty perfect as Bdays go. This year it is a Saturday and I shall be making the most of it. I can't wait. 12th November people. Make a note.

K has just told me that for his next wife he wants a 'home maker'. I am hideously offended. That is like me saying that for my next husband I want a 'proper' Estate Agent. He does not see it like that and is trying to dig himself out of it by saying that I am clearly too intelligent to want to stay at home baking. Evidently I am not too intelligent to 'just' stay at home but if I were baking too that would be a waste of my considerable talent. Am I the ONLY wife in the world that doesn't have a clean, tidy house awaiting my husband's return from work with sleeping, well behaved children and a fabulous home cooked meal in the oven? I am pretty sure I am not. I mean, I know they exist out there but I think their husbands must either be Very Rich or perfect as well so that the wife feels she must live up to his high expectations. His revelation is particularly hurtful tonight as I have made home made burgers - FROM SCRATCH for his supper. I know. Not even a kumquat in them. The Mother in Law sent back a fabulous care package with K which included a huge amount of minced beef. So, faced with hungry children this evening and not enough tomato to make spag bol I hit upon the genius idea to try out meatballs and burgers for the first time ever. Turns out I am a natural. I found some month old spring onions in the bottom of the fridge hidden within a plastic bag - stripped them of the slightly mouldy outer layer and chopped and fried them. Then I mixed them with the huge amount of mince, two eggs (in date which is quite a find), some frozen breadcrumbs my sister gave me when she moved house two years ago, garlic puree (too much actually - turns out a good squeeze is way too much - it is unlikely we will be finding our new partners any time soon) and salt and pepper. Et Voila! Half were made into meatballs for the children which they ATE. I almost cried with joy. Then K came home, almost fainted at the shock of ready prepared burgers I had made by hand and then proceeded to put in the oven for him and then he also ate them - and said they were entirely edible! Hooray for me! Who knew I was secretly brilliant in the kitchen? Maybe I am not too intelligent after all and I could spend more time in the kitchen being perfect. It's a thought.

That is enough from me now - I don't want to make you all jealous with all my good news and brilliance. I will leave you with Birthday wishes for the Mother in Law who clocks up another year on Thursday. Many happy returns and cheers for the beef and the Diet Coke - they have made my day. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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