Monday, 26 September 2011


Hola! Just a quick one tonight. I have only just finished up my paperwork from wibblies and it is already late but K is watching the MOST boring programme ever produced on Channel 4 about the dodgy dealings of Tony Blair. I don't like to be political but I have never, ever, ever liked that man. And I don't trust that Cherie. She has a dodgy air about her - I wouldn't trust either of them to return my tenner if I accidentally left it in the cash machine.

Anyway, politics aside, I thought I'd jump on here and tell you about current affairs instead.  The big news is that K returned safe and well from the ladies with loose morals (he said it wasn't very enjoyable - obviously), the quad bikes (I am assured he wore a helmet) and copious drinking - phew. Brighton also seems to have survived. He did, however, lose his voice. This instantly gained him unnecessary sympathy from the children who were overjoyed to see him again after a weekend at grandma's but very concerned to find that he was no longer audible. I was less than sympathetic. I did try valiantly to sound chipper and bright and not at all annoyed that he was so exhausted from the high japes of the weekend he could do little more than lie on the sofa whilst I rushed around him, but I'm afraid I may not have been convincing or continued the farce for very long.

He is still tired now - either that or the programme actually isn't as interesting as he has pretended - as he is now fast asleep. I might try and sneak over to grab the remote but it would no doubt wake him up. So, my news - Ted dispatched yet another iphone to the great beyond. This time it was actually my fault for being so stupid in the first place. I had realised that by downloading episodes of Ben 10 for him to watch, I could get to and from school without him wanting to get out of the buggy and use the scooter. One episode there, one episode back and Bob's your uncle, we were home safe and sound. It even meant that I could pay some attention to the other three children at pick up, so all in all I thought I was a genius. However, on Thursday I paid about £13 for a whole series, got terribly over excited and failed to notice that somewhere on the way home he threw it or dropped it from the buggy and some lucky bugger behind me clearly swiped it. Probably one of the Blair's offspring. I haven't ever thought about it but they must be dodgy too. I did run back as far as time and children allowed - I even put up a notice asking for its return - but still no sign. However I was greatly relieved that Orange didn't quibble over my fifth insurance claim in the last fifteen months and sent a new one the following morning to my mother's house (I still think this is a miraculous service). However I have lost a number of contacts, hundreds of photos and a million text messages. Luckily I will survive. Ted has only just. By the skin of his teeth.

Other than that I have little to report - the children and I had an amazingly lovely weekend in Suffolk and as Mum isn't working at the moment, I also got three lie ins in a row. It is totally miraculous what sleep can do for you. I have managed to achieve the most phenomenal amount in the last day and a half because of it. People who have uninterrupted sleep for nights on end have absolutely no idea how lucky they are. At some point I am going to have to 'train' Ted to sleep through the night. There are newborns who allegedly achieve such things without prompting - how he can't manage twelve hours sleep at the age of two is totally beyond me.

Oooh Doc Martin is on and there is a baby in it. I must go and 'ahhhh' over it and finish off the crumble mum sent back for me. Well actually it was for K but don't tell him as I've now eaten it all. Silent retribution.....


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